One of the most popular vehicle brands in El Paso's, and Texas in general, is the number one most recalled car brand of all. says the most recalled car brand is Ford. To be fair though, it's not necessarily a reflection of the brand itself. It's partly because they sell more vehicles, and offer more brands, than anyone else. F-150's and Mustangs alone make up a huge chunk of the vehicles you see rolling around the Borderland.

Chevrolet owners, don't start smirking ... you're number 2. Here's the rest of the list:

  • 3. BMW
  • 4. Toyota
  • 5. Dodge
  • 6. Honda
  • 7. GMC
  • 8. Nissan
  • 9. Volvo
  • 10. Mercedes Benz

Many recalls stem from small things that really aren't that big of a deal but, by law, must be addressed by the manufacturer. To find out if your vehicle has any outstanding recalls, visit the governments website to find out. Just type in your vehicles VIN number and the info will pop up.

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