You've heard of false-positive pregnancy tests but never heard of a false-positive Covid-19 test. The scariest thing that could happen to you is hearing you tested positive for Covid-19. But just imagine how it felt to hear you're positive for Covid-19 but in actuality, you aren't. That is how some El Pasoans felt when they had their own Covid-19 scare.

A friend of mine and her family had a Covid-19 scare when they found out they were exposed to someone who tested positive. They acted quickly to get themselves tested and make sure to self-quarantine until their results came back.

Well, when they finally heard their results my friend and her husband tested negative except for their daughter. Their daughter had tested positive for Covid-19 and contacted her doctor for advice. Their daughter's physician recommended getting their daughter tested again just to be sure.

How strange is it that my friend and her husband tested negative but their daughter didn't?

So we had a scare about COVID we had an exposure to someone who tested positive so we all got tested.When we got our...

Posted by Norms Funzzies Magdaleno on Sunday, August 9, 2020

So my friend and her husband took their daughter to get re-tested for Covid-19 again.

They forked over $200 to get her tested and have the results come back that same day. To their very surprise, their daughter had tested negative for Covid-19 from that second test.

My friend and her husband got their tests done at CVS and the daughter was tested at Valle Verde. The City Health Department called following up regarding the positive results they got from Valle Verde.

My friend explained what had happened and even the City Health Department was stunned to hear their story. My friend's grateful she and her family are safe and Covid-19 free. One concern she has is if there are false positives out there.

She wants to let people know it doesn't hurt to get a second opinion like they did and saved them a lot of worries.

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