There are things you normally don't see every day. When you come across that these weird things, sometimes you are left stunned.

At least that is what it is like for one particular mailman in El Paso.

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Mr. Rodriguez has always had odd encounters during his shift.

His recent encounter with a boat eft stranded by the train tracks really has me scratting my head.

Just when Mr. Rodriguez thought he had seen it all on the job, he can now add a boat to his list of oddities.

After seeing the picture of the stranded boat, I am wondering if the weather had something to do with it.

We all know how the rain wreaked havoc in El Paso during our rainy days, so if someone you know is missing a boat, this could possibly be it.

But then again someone could have easily dumped it in the Lower Valley for someone else to have. We all know those people who can transform someone else's trash into treasure.

If the stranded boat is beyond repairing it would be nice to see one of our local artists transform it.

After all, Gabriel Marquez's hands worked their magic on a couple of payphones near Savage Goods. I could see this abandoned boat being useful with the artists who run the Paradox Immersive Art show. I am sure travelers who ride the Amtrak would get a kick out of seeing a colorful boat remodeled by local artists.

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