Let's see what Americans got offended by last week.

It seems like more and more everyday Americans are being offended by almost everything. There are some valid reasons to be outraged or upset, times where yeah that wasn't good but you can get an apology but then move on, but then there are the utterly ridiculous that make you question how someone can be raised so delicately that they would be offended by that.

Well that is what we are calling American Offense. The things that make people get butthurt, both valid and not. Check out some of the stories that went viral this week of people getting their panties in a bunch. And then we decide, should you get but hurt or get over it.

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    A Day Without A Woman

    After the Women's March back on January 21st, organizers wanted to keep the momentum, as well as the conversation going about women's rights in the United States. Thus we had Day Without A Woman, the day supposedly to highlight disparages for not only women, but also the issues for women of color in the United States. While there were many supporters of the movement as well as the strikes, there were those opposers as well.

    Many started calling "A Day Without A Woman," more like "A Day Without A PRIVILEGED Woman" or "A Day Without A WHITE Woman." The only real gripe I will give is to the parents of children who attended schools that closed due to lack of staff. All this did was make it more difficult for single mothers to find daycare for that day. It's not like you can just leave them at home and let them know you're participating with "Day Without A Mom" where it's basically Lord of the Flies.

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    Snapchat's Marie Curie Filter Had Make-up

    Snapchat likes to do fun filters to celebrate certain holidays. On March 8th, Snapchat decided to celebrate International Women's Day by making three special filters, honoring famous women who made an impact. Once of the women chosen was Marie Curie, the famous Polish-born French physicist and chemist. She was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1903 and 1911 for her work in Physics and Chemistry.

    The Snapchat fixture honoring Curie features beakers and a scientific explosion, leaving soot on your face. The filter was a great way to honor Curie and her work, however some were upset with a small detail of the filter. The filter would also add smokey eye makeup, big false eyelashes and a smooth complexion.

    Many went to social media to complain, saying that the makeup was unnecessary and sexualized women on a day that was created to demand equal rights and pay for women.

    I understand why some people would be annoyed or think the makeup is unnecessary for the Marie Curie filter but you really want to write entire articles about how dumb it is. We are talking about an app that also puts fluttery long lashes on deer and bunny face filters too. And no has complained about how they are sexualizing mammals.

  • Getty Images for Disney
    Getty Images for Disney

    Beauty and the Beast Gay Character Backlash

    The live-action version of Disney's Beauty and the Beast has been announced and fans have been anticipating the movie for months. It has now been announced that this will be the first Disney movie to have an openly gay character. There was immediate backlash from some conservatives and even a drive-in theater in Alabama has decided to not show the movie at all.

    I mean, are you really that shocked? This dude sings an entire song about how manly and perfect Gaston is, talking about how thick his neck is which now looking back at it is he subliminally talking about his penis?

    Then lets also remember we're talking about a movie that is based on an innocent young girl falling in love with a buffalo/bear mashup. If Beast never changed, this movie would literally be about a young girl who was into bestiality.

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    Emma Watson's Boobs in Vanity Fair

    Emma Watson is not only the new star of Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast movie, she's also the covergirl for this month's Vanity Fair. The magazine released the photos earlier last week and showed off some of the looks Watson wears in the magazine. One picture in particular gained a lot of attention due to Emma posing in a see-through crop top. One Twitter user said "Emma Watson: 'Feminism, feminism... gender wage gap... why oh why am I not taken seriously... feminism... oh, and here are my tits!'"

    Now, I won't in any way say that I am an expert on feminism but I believe feminism is more about a woman having a freedom to choose how to portray themselves, rather than not allowing them to portray themselves in an artistic or seductive way. Not to mention what do her tits have to do with your life? Are you ever going to see them? Touch them? Will they ever be connected to your body and represent you? If you have answer no to these questions then maybe you should move on.

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