If you ever make it out to Waco, this is a slide you need to check out!

Over in Waco, Texas there is a place called the BSR Cable Park. The place looks pretty awesome, with a bi-level lake, wakeboard camp, 72 person hot tub and the world's longest lazy river. Even with all of those awesome amenities, the crown jewel of the cable park has to be the Royal Flush water slide. Technically, there are three separate slides you can go down and it seems like there's no rules. Tubes, people ad even dogs can be seen in this video flying down the slide before being launched high into the sky and landing into the ice blue water. This place looks amazing to visit and stay at! You can go for the day or even stay at one of their on-site cabins. There are five separate cabins, as well as a VIP cabin you can stay in. If you want to stay at the cable park, it is recommended you books early. The cabins are already booked up until September. To ride the slide all day it's only $15 and to float the lazy river is only $18.58. There are also pricing available for cable rentals as well. You can see all the pricing for the BSR Cable Park on their website.

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