If Cheaters started filming in El Paso, people would definitely put a stop to their affairs. I feel some El Pasoans would get a kick out of watching fellow residents getting busted. It's crazy to watch someone you never would have suspected of cheating get busted. Those who choose to commit unfaithful actions wouldn't like it one bit if Cheaters filmed in El Paso. I am sure businesses would start worrying about the havoc that can happen inside their business. If you've ever seen Cheaters you know sometimes the confrontation can get dirty. The perk we would get out of Cheaters filming here would keep us from wasting our time on an unfaithful partner. When Live PD started filming here I was extra paranoid about being pulled over. But if Cheaters filmed here I would add it to my other list of shows I couldn't miss! I feel like we would see someone we know either doing the dirty deed or getting done dirty.

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