It's not every day a local news anchor makes the national news, and generally when they do, it's followed by a laugh track during the late show line-up.

But former KVIA Anchor and Las Cruces native, Kate Bieri, surpassed millions of views on Twitter and Instagram after finding herself in a sticky, thick, and unusual situation.

If jars of Alfredo sauce spill all over a highway in Memphis and no one saw it, did it really spill? Bieri was the first on scene to report details of the smell, and The New York Times took note. And they took her quote. And blasted it on Twitter. Like this:

Before I continue spilling the sauce about the sauce, check out how Kate is responsible for helping Iris Lopez come up with the name her nonprofit "Mija, Yes You Can" name, and how a jump to FOX13 Memphis included a creation of an entirely new role for the station in Tennessee.

After the New York Times picked up the Kate Bieri Alfredo angle, a popular Instagram account called "The Betches Sup" featured the story as well. They have over 500k followers. The kids tell me they are funny.

I asked Kate how covering the Chile Drop every year in Las Cruces prepared her for her national moment describing food, and this is what she exclusively told KLAQ:

"Our number one job is to find, report and write the stories that resonate with our communities. Sometimes we cover tragedies, other days we cover hiccups on the roadways! I appreciate the opportunity to engage with our local viewers, whether that's through counting down until midnight during the Chile Drop in Las Cruces or alerting viewers of a sticky (and unappetizing) mess in Memphis on the roadway!"


When The New York Times reports on your love of Alfredo sauce, have you made it? You've made it, Kate. You've made the sauce.

Check out more support tweets from former local KVIA legends!

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