Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is known for some ridiculous and outlandish statements but this one takes the cake. Alex Jones has earned himself the reputation as being quite the douchebag. Jones has used his Infowars website as a platform to preach his conspiracy theories, call historical events hoaxes and for some reason tell people that water was turning the frogs gay. I still don't quite understand that last one. So it's not surprising that Alex Jones has gotten himself banned from social media sites in 2019. In May of last year, Alex Jones, Louis Farrakhan, Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, Joseph Watson, and others were all taken off Facebook after previously being banned from Youtube, Twitter, and Apple podcasts per NPR. But he really freaked people out last week with he explained his tactic to survive the potential meat shortage in the United States.

While he didn't necessarily say he was going to eat ass to survive, he did say he would take his neighbors gut them, skin them, chop them up, and eat them. So in technical terms, Alex Jones would totally eat your ass. It is part of your body. Does this statement make me feel uncomfortable? Yes. Do I think Jones should stop giving people advice? Yes. Do I think Alex Jones has some serious mental issues? Yes. Am I also extremely happy I am not neighbors with him and therefore he will not be eating my ass? Also yes. You can read more about Alex Jones' statement at the Forbes website.

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