Harry Potter's Wizarding Universe is a worldwide phenomenon with fans all over the world always celebrating their love and grabbing everything and anything Potter-affiliated. The new Fantastic Beasts franchise has been widely successful and a brand new movie in the Wizarding world is coming out this week. To celebrate, our local Alamo Drafthouse is coming out with eats and drinks inspired by the film. The selection does vary by location but here is a sample of what you could be enjoying while watching the new "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" film:

Sorcerer's Scones- Green onion and black pepper scones served with bacon-onion-tomato jam and honey mustard whipped butter.

Beef and Potato Pie- Seasoned ground beef simmered with gold potatoes, herbs, and beer. Topped with parsley and puff pastry lightning bolts.

Canary Cream Lemon Cookies- Soft baked lemon cookies made with fresh lemon zest and cream cheese.

Giggle Water- A drink mixed of gin, cucumber, fresh mint, and a splash of tonic

Hog's Mead- Bonded rye and apple brandy, ginger liqueur, honey, Angostura bitters (by Vit Dolezel, Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet)

Better Beer- Non-alcoholic apple cider, cream, butter, brown sugar, spice

Accio drinks! Grab yourself a Better Beer and check out these menu items at Alamo Drafthouse and see the new Fantastic Beasts movie at the same time.

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