The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin had the brilliant idea of asking people to dress in their best clown suit for the screening of IT. Thankfully our movie theaters didn't propose this kind of screening because I wouldn't participate simply because of my hate for clowns.

Wochit News heard about the special participant event Alamo Drafthouse was holding in Austin, Texas for the movie IT. This movie screening was filled with a bunch of bozo lovers that took part in this dress up event. Personally, I don't like clowns and would have skipped out on this night or gone else where. But a lot of people were stoked about this special viewing and got a little bit of fame out of it. The ones who did attend this showing fully dressed in clown mode were featured on Entertainment Weekly. A few pictures were published of parts of the crowd and you will notice some took this clown role seriously.

Hopefully our Alamo Drafthouse here in El Paso can put something together like this for you to participate in!

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