Alamo Draft House opened in El Paso and they are the reason I started going to movies again.

Why? Because:

  • Real food - not just candy, popcorn and hot dogs.
  • Full bar service.
  • Comfortable seats, arranged so you're not blocked by the person in front of you.
  • Reserved seating is available.
  • Excellent sound system.
  • No late arrivals allowed.
  • Super strict noise/disruptive behavior rules.

Parents shouldn't be penalized for having kids so, they offer "baby friendly" showings where the rules are relaxed. (New scheduling times make these more convenient for working parents!)

Now Alamo's making it better for people with autism or other sensory issues to enjoy a movie.  Among other things, these special screenings will use slightly brighter house lights, lower volume levels and they'll allow more freedom to move about the theater. For special screening schedules, visit the new section on their website.