La Feria is officially coming back to Juárez beginning this Thursday, September 23! After being canceled last year due to the pandemic, the Juarez city council approved the return of the weeks long celebration. They also announced that Tuesday a press conference will be offered to publicize the protocols that will be implemented to avoid contagion of Covid-19.

City Administrator Victor Ortega and Public Health Director Dafne Salazar claim 90% of all Juarez residents over 18 years of age have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine. Today, El Paso leaders announced that El Paso has reached herd immunity- so it looks like events around the Borderland are on the way to making a return to normal. However, mayor said the fair would operate at 50% normal capacity with social distancing and the wearing of masks enforced by city and state officials.

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La Feria will run from September 23rd until October 10th and will offer a variety of vendors, great food and some pretty cool acts. The food area had already began to be installed in the Cheramis fields, adjacent to the Plaza de la Mexicanidad around the Big Red X south of the Bridge of the Americas.

If you've never been to La Feria, which is usually held around summertime, it's a wonderful family event! My family and I used to go every year, but when it got too complicated to cross over easily, we stopped going. I've missed going to La Feria since then, but with the announcement of herd immunity, and knowing that Juarez strictly enforces masks and social distancing protocols, I actually feel a little safer going this year- now if only the lines going and coming back from Juarez weren't a disaster!

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