When you're moving to a completely new city, it can be difficult trying to figure out where to live. This holds especially true if you're moving to a new city for college. It can be really hit or miss on places to rent. Someone recently asked on Reddit for advice on renting a place near UTEP.

User pr_grl_01 asked:

Does any one have any recommendation for renting around UTEP campus. I'm yet to decide if I should live in the dorm for the first year or rent a place outside of campus. I won't have a car so one of the main requirements of off campus housing is that it needs to be walkable distance to the campus.

skawhore24 responded:

Outside of apartments, there are tons of 1 bedroom/studio units around. These are usually old homes that are broken up into multiple individual units, or backhouse/casitas attached to existing properties. Most rent for around $500-600 bucks from what I gather.

You can find alot of them in the Sunset heights or El Paso high neighborhoods, all ranging from a 5-10 min bike ride or a 15-30 min walk from the campus.

bamfor replied:

If you don’t have a car and if you’re brand new to El Paso, the dorms would probably be a strong option for your first year. Other wise, Craigslist for apartments around sunset heights/Kern. There are apartments literally across the street from UTEP that include all the bills in the rental price ($650 I think?) but you won’t be able to control your heat or air conditioning in your individual unit.

I have moved to a new city a few times, but there was only one time I didn't have the slightest clue of where to move. That was when I moved to Florida. I knew NOBODY when I moved down there. I had only met my boss, Kevin, once on a visit to San Antonio and he was new to South Florida as well. So I know how rental advice can come in handy.

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