Adult film star Ron Jeremy is facing some pretty serious charges at the moment. Ron Jeremy is being accused of rape in 3 cases and sexual assault for one. These allegations go back as far as 2014, according to the New York Times. 

Every side is innocent until proven guilty, but you know the internet is already taking sides in regards to this case. According to USA Today, Ron Jeremy has been under investigation for two years already. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department will keep the investigation open until further notice.

In my opinion, it is insane for someone like Jeremy, to be accused of such allegations.

According to Deadline, he remains in jail on a $6.6 million bail.

The next time he is set to appear in court will be in August and could be facing 90 years to life in prison. The other crazy part about this is Jeremy may lose his nickname "The Hedgehog."

After all this, Jeremy might be required to become a registered sex offender.  We shall see what happens with Ron Jeremy's case later this summer in August.

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