50 Shades actor Jamie Dorman gives you a proper Irish lesson if you plan on getting drunk. If you're like me, it's always nice to change up your usual vocabulary and spice it up.

Dorman was given some drinks in order to introduce us to some "I'm drunk" Irish phrases. We can possibly assume that Jimmy Kimmel  created some of these himself since Dorman laughed at the "fanny packed"  phrase. My opinion, I believe most of those terms describe drunk perfectly in the most exaggerating way. If you get "boiled in the bag" a lot, these 41 terms will help you NOT sound like a broken record saying your typical phrase. Although some of these may leave someone lifting their eyebrow, but it will them a good laugh. If you plan on celebrating St. Patty's tonight, please remember to be safe and have a designated driver!

SOOO, in spirit of St. Patrick's Day, give these 41 terms a chance if you do end up "away with the fairies" tonight.

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