Look, I know it's been awhile since I've gone out bar hopping in town, because you know, pandemic, but from what I remember, people totally danced, right?

While scrolling through Reddit, I came across this post from user @atsuomizuno who asks why no one dances at clubs.


I know it's been awhile, but I'm sure there are definitely clubs around town where there is dancing, right?!

People in the comments seemed to agree with this user. @Azularena said:

That died when the Union bars closed downtown. People in El Paso prefer bars over clubs for the most part as the intent is to get hammered, not dance.

Okay, that just makes it sound like El Paso is full of alcoholics who only want to get hammered, that can't be true.

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User @tac0lover69 said:

People are more calm around these areas. We don’t have the clubbing scene of big cities. Sometimes tho you get glimpses of it.

Evidently, this user is not from El Paso, because when someone asked them where they went clubbing, they had to do research:

I researched and people said Cincinnati ave is the place but let me assure u it was not the place

Maybe, that was not the best place to start if you wanted to dance.

Then, another user answered:

The only place I've seen people actually dance is at the gay bars.

Which, upon further reflection, yeah. The gay bars are pretty much the only places I've gone to and they are definitely the best places to dance. But I want to hear from you! I know that there are other places around town that are great for dancing to all different types of music! Check out the original Reddit post and flood his comments with your favorite places to dance!


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