Could you just imagine excitedly arriving at the airport ready to depart from your hometown? But just think if something prevented you from getting on that plane?

If you have a pet that is overly attached (which isn't a bad thing) then you know the struggle. That struggle is leaving them behind for a short period but what seems like forever to you and them.

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Even when it comes to packing our pets know what is to come that they make it difficult. By difficulty, some pets will mess with you as you're packing things up biting a pair of socks, and taking off with them. Then you also have those that will quietly sit inside your suitcase and just lay there.

Well, not sure how if it happened just like that for a Texas couple recently. Jared and Kristi Owens made news for their pet Chihuahua Icky trying to sneak to Las Vegas too. We all know there are two types of chihuahuas that exist.

There are some loud chihuahuas that make their presence known and we also can't forget the extremely quiet ones that are like ninjas. So I am guessing the Texas couple Jared and Kristi Owens have a true ninja chihuahua on their hands.

Not sure if they're last-minute packers since they had mentioned they were rushing to pack. It was probably during that rush, they didn't realize Icky was pulling a ninja move. But props to the woman working and offering to watch over their dog so Jared and Kristi could jet out of town.

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