A new survey was released naming the dirtiest cities in America and one city in the Lone Star State took the top spot. LawnStarter, a lawn care company looked at over 150 of the largest cities across the country to see which would win the title as the filthiest.

The company looked at various metrics including:

  • Pollution Levels (air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, etc)
  • Living Conditions (percentage of homes with mold or rats, number of homeless people, etc)
  • Infrastructure (number of waste facilities, etc)
  • Consumer Satisfaction (percentage of residents who find their city dirty)

In the top five, New Jersey had two cities make the list, with California and Michigan also having cities on the list. In the fifth spot was Jersey City, New Jersey and Detroit, Michigan came in at the fourth spot. In third was San Bernardino, California and Newark, New Jersey took the second spot. Coming in at the top spot was Houston, Texas.

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Houston ranked third for pollution, fourth worst for living conditions, and 15th worst for infrastructure. According to data from the US Census Bureau, Houston came in third worst for greenhouse gas emissions from large industrial facilities, and almost 20% of the city population lives in poverty.

The city ranked third in the nation on pollution, fourth worst on living conditions, 15th worst on infrastructure and 34th worst in consumer satisfaction.

It also ranks third worst in greenhouse gas emissions from large industrial facilities and has the largest cockroach problem, the study says, citing data from the US Census Bureau.

You can view more about the study at the LawnStarter website.

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