Food lovers, rejoice!!  A Taste of El Paso is coming to the convention center this week!

My most recent Taste Of El Paso adventure actually came to me!

The Red Mountain Bistro, 631 N. Resler is fairly new to El Paso but is already making a big splash.  Chef Jason Hunt came by The Q studios with a sampling of what he and the Red Mountain Bistro will be offering at the Taste Of El Paso.

Tuscan skewers and wild boar ragout bruschetta. (On top of that, he also brought the most amazing burgers.  I wasn't even all that hungry and I still ate everything I was offered.  Then went back for seconds!)

The bread they serve with the wild boar ragout is delicious by itself!  WITH the ragout, WOW!!  (That's pronounced ra-goo by the way...)

The skewers though were absolutely my favorite and that, along with the wild boar ragu, is what Jason and company are bringing to the Taste Of El Paso table!  The skewers consist of Mushroom, beef and potato with a really meaty ... and delicious ... sauce!

I soooo recomend those skewers when you visit Red Mountain Bistro.  Be sure and make a reservation though!

You don't have to have one, but Red Mountain Bistro is already on pretty much everyones "must visit" list (thanks in part to a recent review in Texas Monthly!) so it's best to let them know you're coming and have a table waiting!

The Red Mountain Bistro


631 N. Resler

El Paso, Tx 79912


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