One of the first locally spread malaria cases since 2003 has been found in Texas.

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In the past two months, the United States has seen 5 cases of malaria being spread by mosquitoes locally. This is the first time a locally spread case has been seen in 20 years, according to the AP.

The CDC released a health alert Monday, June 26th announcing that four cases have been reported in Florida and one has been found in Texas.

The Texas resident diagnosed with malaria was working outside in Cameron County, the southernmost county in the State of Texas.

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) says there are no other locally acquired cases that have been identified in the state and that they are working with the local health departments to see if others in the community could have been exposed.

The last locally acquired Texas case of malaria was back in 1994.

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Malaria is a serious and potentially fatal disease caused by a parasite that spreads through mosquito bites.

Common symptoms of malaria are flu-like and include fever, chills, sweats, headaches, and nausea that can develop 7 to 30 days after the initial infection. If untreated, infected people can develop severe complications like seizures and other neurological symptoms and even death.

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The public is being urged to protect themselves from malaria and other mosquito-borne illnesses by wearing mosquito repellent and wearing long sleeves or long pants when outdoors.

Around the house, dump out any standing water and make sure to change the water in bird baths and pet water dishes.

For more information, visit the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) website.

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