Germany takes on Argentina Sunday with the Fifa World Cup at stake. You couldn't pick two bigger teams. But German coach Joachim Loew could. He picks anything -- his team, his coaches' clothes, his nose...

Germany's head coach is an interesting fella. Assistant coach to US Soccer head man Jurgen Klinsmann when Klinsmann coached his native country through 2006, Loew seems to enjoy having all of his assistant coaches dress just like him.

He also enjoys digging for gold. And he clearly enjoys a little mucus jerkey from time-to-time. That's right -- the head coach of perhaps the most powerful team at the World Cup EATS HIS BOOGERS! On INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION!

Don't believe it? Ready to watch the championship match for something other than the game? Why scan the telecast this Sunday when we have the proof right here? It's a musical salute to soccer's champion picker, Jogi Loew!

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