There is something quite magical to see that's dangerous and someone already took the liberty of doing it. Usually, when a snowstorm rolls through town most people prefer to stay safe and warm inside their home. But it isn't like that for most people especially the adventurous kind like Cynthia Aguilar.

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She got all geared up to take a mini road trip to Bluff Springs, New Mexico despite the weather. Bluff Springs is a recreational area in New Mexico that is known for its magnificent hiking trail and waterfall. Well, it's a good thing Cynthia Aguilar lived through that entire adventure to share it with others.

I guess how you look at it is Cynthia Aguilar did the dirty work for the curious who wouldn't attempt a mission like this. It was late January when Cynthia Aguilar decided to travel to Bluff Springs, New Mexico from El Paso, Texas. That trip is 122 miles away which should be relatively 2 hours and a half if you visit in decent weather.

The video and pictures that Cynthia Aguilar shared on an El Paso hiking page look stunning. You can see it for yourself, above. We all can imagine how beautiful this kind of scenery looks up close and personal. Luckily, Cynthia Aguilar took some magnificent pictures and a video to share nature's beauty with all of us.

She sure stuck it out and showed her bravery by going on a hike in those conditions. I definitely give her kudos for venturing out in that weather to explore Bluff Springs. Hopefully, you are satisfied enough with her pictures and video to skip seeing it for yourself during crazy weather.

Frozen Waterfall in Bluff Springs, NM

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