If you're going to party this holiday weekend, don't drive!

From 8:00pm tonight through 4:00am Tuesday morning, EPPD will have extra DWI patrols out and the El Paso Sheriff's Office stepped up their DWI and burglary patrols back in June.

According to the EP Times, these patrols are aimed primarily at drunk drivers but they are also advising drivers:

not to drink and drive; to slow down in construction zones, bad weather and unfamiliar areas; prevent distractions, such as using cellphones; and make sure everyone uses a seat belt.

If you find yourself having a few too many this, (or any other) weekend, please arrange for a designated driver, walk, take a bus or call a cab. In fact, tipsy drivers in El Paso can  get a free ride home anytime, day or night, by calling (915) 212-7777.

Anything beats a DWI, an accident or ... worst of all ... injury or death.