A Houston, Texas-based artist Tryston Obevoen aka Sinoda made a song that he dedicated to the 23 victims who lost their lives. Sinoda was a former El Paso resident until he moved to Houston, Texas. On his YouTube page, you will see Sinoda was raised in El Paso, Texas for 11 years before making his move. After seeing his former hometown on the national news he wanted to do something for El Paso and the victims. Since August 3, 2019 Sinoda quickly got to work and wrote a song that would be about that specific day. Earlier this month on the anniversary of the shooting, he premiered his music video "832019" on his YouTube. He dedicated his song "832019" to the 23 victims who lost their lives to a cruel act of hate.

Sinoda had also mentioned that all funds that are made from his track will go directly to the victims of hate crimes in America. Also, the 915 film website mentioned his song "832019" will be featured in the documentary about that day. The documentary Charlie Minn produced is titled 915 and will be premiering in October. The plan is the film will be featured at Bassett Place Mall's theater. As a Hispanic woman, my heart aches that there are people who hate my race for no reason at all. It is true what they say, hate is taught but not all people follow what they're taught. So many people have stepped in to help after that tragic day. Sinoda was one of them for his tribute song to the 23 victims.  You can be sure to give his dedication a listen above this story.

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