This Saturday (Feb. 4) a new series premiers on Destination America. It's called Killing Bigfoot and it's about a bunch of guys in Louisiana who want to kill a Sasquatch.


They call themselves the G.C.B.R.O.  That stands for Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. This morning, (Feb. 3) we're interviewing the founder of the G.C.B.R.O, a man named Jim Landsdale.

I've included the trailer for the show, below. I got a screener of the full first episode and, let me tell you, it is laugh-out-loud funny! There's a scene at a Bigfoot convention and the pro-kill Bigfoot people are arguing with the anti-kill Bigfoot people. It gets very, very heated. Yes, adult people argue about whether it's okay to kill an imaginary animal!

It's like watching two groups of Cleveland Browns fans argue about whether the Browns have a shot at winning the Super Bowl on Sunday! It's pointless and delusional but you've got to enjoy watching simpletons go completely aggro on each other. I won't be missing an episode of this gem!

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