I think everyone on the planet knows "Sweet Child O' Mine". Ever wonder what happened to the "Sweet Child"?

In the mid 80's, as Guns And Roses were on the verge of stardom; Axl Rose met Erin Everly at a party and they totally fell for each other. He wrote a really pretty (yet still kick ass) song for her that turned into one of G n Rs biggest hits.

There were other hits beside the radio one involved though. The eyes that carried Axl to his "warm safe place" got blackened a time or two by him and he loosened the teeth in "that smile" a little also.

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Things aren't always as they seem huh?  It's still a great song though!

(Sorry, I could only find the edited version of the video. Watch for Erins cameo in it though as well as other GnR honies and guitarist Izzy Stradlins dog!)