For those that can't come to El Paso, residents hesitant to go out due to the pandemic or, for El Pasoans no longer here; everyone can enjoy this video tour.

The video above shows those familiar with El Paso how much it has changed in the last few years. The last few weeks for that matter and it allows those that haven't been around, or at least out, in a while to take a look around.

The video isn't brand new but it was just filmed this past summer so, it's about the "freshest" look at downtown El Paso I have found.

The videographers wandered around and captured many of the more recent changes while also catching some mainstays and landmarks that are and always will be "El Paso".

Finally, they hit up one of El Paso's must-visit restaurants, the legendary L & J Cafe. No offense to any of the other, incredible Mexican food choices in El Paso but, L & J's has a history and mystic all its own, built up over generations.

True, there are others that can say the same but, that is an entire post all its own.

As we wind 2020 down, finally, and look forward to 2021, one of my hopes is that travel fully resumes and area businesses and entertainment venues can get back to normal.

That of course attracts natives and tourists alike to not only experience all the new sites and sounds but also to revisit the landmarks.

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