Many people probably don't give much thought when getting into the shower. You get in, act out random scenarios in your head- sing a song or two for your concert to the shampoo bottles and you take care of your business, you get out; boom! You're clean. However, it's the year 2021 and people definitely have strong opinions about everything and they are definitely sharing them on social media. Thanks to one Twitter user, everyone is questioning whether they're doing it right.

Alice, or @Backpainandwine, asked the very polarizing question and almost immediately was bombarded with responses:

Upon reading the Tweet, I couldn't help but wonder, which way do I face? After showering, I didn't have a definite answer- apparently I rotate in the shower. I wasn't alone, however, many people on Twitter say they have to face both ways:

"Watery rotisserie" is my new favorite term for showering.

Some also had strong opinions on which situation requires facing the shower head and which situation requires not facing the shower head.

As if things weren't already weird, someone gave the perfect answer:

What a perfect situation; do you also make up dramatic scenarios in the shower and pretend like you've also just blown up the entire planet and need time to rethink, or are you normal?

Whichever way you face when you're in the shower, I think we all agree on one thing; when you wash your hair and face- do it quickly because you never know what monster could be watching you!

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