Minivans are handy for family use but, have had zero cool factor. Until now.

If you have a family, mini-vans are great. Power doors, rear view cameras, DVD players to keep the rugrats quiet on long trips, they're, shall we say, functional.   Not cool though and, if you're into family stuff like mountain biking, hiking or dirt bike riding, they're not going to get you to the places you'd like to be.

Toyota just changed all that though with what they are calling the Ultimate Utility Vehicle. A custom made Sienna body retrofitted on to a Tacoma truck frame. How cool would this thing be for roaming around El Paso with family and friends? Red Sands, The Wall, out near The Anthony Gap, or just roaming the plain 'ol desert.

Going where no minivan has gone before, even I would drive this thing.

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