Were would our busy life be without a vending machine? We get water, soda pop, chips and coffee just to name a few, but a Burrito ?

No, NOT a Frozen burrito, but a "fresh" burrito.

Called the Burrito Box, it's a bright orange counter top wonder that can deliver one of several types of the burritos in around a minute.

According to its makers, The Box Brands, Inc., it's the first of its kind.

The Worlds First Burrito Kiosks. It serves 100% All Natural, No Hormones No Antibiotics Cage Free Egg Breakfast Burritos for around $3.00. People can choose between six offerings. Many with egg and cheese and variations of roasted potato, uncured bacon, and chorizo.

Thus far the only box in service is at a Mobil station in West Hollywood,CA.

REALLY ?!?  I'm guessing this would never be welcomed in the home of the Best Mexican Food in the country!  I'll stick with my favorites, Rafa's Burritos, Cristosomos, Bonnie's  and Lucy's Cafe.

Or even the lady with the red ice chest that walk into our office building at 7 am sharp!  What do you think?


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