Hair is a powerful thing, a sign of true individualism in many cases. Hair is often one of the first things we notice about someone. But what happens when that confidence maker – that character-creator – decides to leave us? Well, some guys become absolute hermits, get embarrassed or feel sorry for themselves.

However, there are ways around the feeling of inadequacy that can result from going bald. Bald can be cool: Bruce Willis, Patrick Stewart, Ed Harris, Vin Diesel, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin all rock a serious bald head. You can still be a man if you are bald… as long as you steer clear of the comb-over. Here are seven manly ways to handle going bald:


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Shave Your Head



Too often, guys go for the ‘horseshoe’ hairstyle. There are only a few dudes who can pull it off. Most of you reading this are not Larry David. Therefore the answer is no, you cannot do the horseshoe. Honestly, if you realize that you’re going bald, do yourself a favor and shave your head! Not only will you save yourself some embarrassment, you’ll also look quite badass. It worked for Walter White, didn’t it?

Get A Convertible



Don't get a Mini Cooper convertible; get something nice and manly! You want the car to scream, ‘I might not have hair, but I’ll pay for your dinner!’ Girls love a guy with a good car, so if you’re going bald, you might as well spend a little extra cash on a nice convertible. Perhaps you can spend your monthly haircut budget on the car.


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Wear A Hat



Wearing a hat is a classic solution. You can’t go wrong with a nice hat. Baseball cap, flat cap, cowboy hat, knit cap – it’s your decision! However, if you meet someone new, just make sure they know the truth. They need to know they’re dating a bald-y. Nothing is worse than agreeing to a date and — when being picked up — seeing your reflection staring back at you through the front door peephole.

Grow A Beard



Beards make men look tougher. We’re not exactly certain as to why, but when bald men have beards, we’re deathly afraid of them. Remember when Jeff Bridges had a beard in ‘Iron Man?’ Exactly. Grow a beard, fellas.


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Get A Tattoo



Perhaps getting a tattoo on your head isn’t the best choice, but it is a viable option. Getting a tattoo on your head – some dome ink – is manly. It creates a clean and clear statement: 'I am insane.' No one is going to screw with a guy who has a tattoo atop his head. So, if you’re looking for a way to silence the critics, you’ve found your alternative.


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Get A Motorcycle



Getting a motorcycle accomplishes a few things: 1 – You’ll be covered by the helmet (unless you’re crazy enough to believe in the No Helmet Law). 2 – Guys on bikes can be badass. 3 – You’ll get over the midlife crisis that you’re either in, or are going to find yourself in someday. Motorcycles are risky, dangerous and sometimes even a turn-on for the opposite sex. So, if you’re going bald, why not put your life at risk for the sake of looking cool, right?


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Embrace Your Baldness



Embrace your baldness and be confident. Going bald is not the end of the world. So, you lose your hair. Who cares? Put some extra sunscreen on during a sunny day and use body wash instead of shampoo in the shower – big deal. You’re still a man. You’re now a member of the bald community; they welcome you!


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