Here in El Paso, it's not hard to tell that we have our very own dialect. Just like anywhere else, El Pasoans have taken regular words and transformed them into something completely different; what may have one meaning elsewhere has a completely different meaning in El Paso.

We all know what "ay, ay" means, in fact, many people can tell you're from El Paso when you use that phrase. Well, here are seven more words that are interpreted completely different in El Paso.

1. Coliseum

Real meaning: A large theater or stadium. Example: The Coliseum in Rome.

El Paso meaning: It's the El Paso County Coliseum where the rodeo takes place, but also where many of our favorite artists and festivals have taken place. Example: Fiesta de las Flores used to take place at the Coliseum

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2. Canyon

Real Meaning: a deep gorge, typically one with a river flowing through it.

El Paso Meaning: McKelligon Canyon- an amphitheater where events and concerts take place. Example: Cool Canyon Nights at McKelligon Canyon Amphitheater runs through September 2nd. (Purchase VIP tickets here)

3. Fiesta

Real meaning: Spanish for "party"

El Paso meaning: The infamous Fiesta Drive-In, one of the country's only X-rated drive in movie theaters- and it doesn't plan to change that soon. Many El Pasoans have a story or two about that place.

4. Franklin

Real meaning: Franklin is a masculine English given name. Example: Benjamin Franklin.

El Paso meaning: The Franklin Mountains, a great place to hike and explore. Example: Check out the Aztec cave at the Franklin Mountains.

5. Chico 

Real meaning: Spanish for small boy or child.

El Paso meaning: Name for the El Paso Chihuahuas Mascot- Chico the Chihuaha. Also famously named after Chico's Tacos.

6. Bronco

Real meaning: A wild or half-tamed horse of the western US.

El Paso meaning: El Bronco, the infamous swap meet where you could find everything from makeup to furniture. RIP Bronco Swap Meet.

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