If you know someone who is just a miserable jerk, chances are you might not know them as long as others. Studies show that basically being a jerk will shorten your life. If you're looking to extend your life, here are some personality traits you should strive for:

  • Being conscientious - Think things through and be thorough about it, and you'll be less likely to take unnecessary risks.
  • Openness - Don't be stuck in your ways. Be open to change and new things so you can continue to learn.
  • Emotional stability - If you freak out over small things and get depressed easily, it will shorten your life. Some people can fix this on their own, while others might need some professional help.
  • Friendliness - It's been proven that those who stay close with their friends and socialize a lot will live longer than someone who is a hermit.
  • Expressing yourself freely - Don't bottle stuff up, and you'll extend your life.

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