It's almost spring which in my house means, it's time for Spring Cleaning! While I was cleaning out my attic I came across a box labeled "Joanna's Stuff." I opened it because my name is indeed Joanna so I figured it was mine. When I opened it, a wave of nostalgia hit me. It was full of old t-shirts and old letters from friends and ex-boyfriends. It even had a CD! It was a mix that an ex-boyfriend had given me in my freshman year of high school!

It got me thinking, why don't people write letters anymore? I guess there's no need for it now that texting is the norm. CD's are basically becoming obsolete, even Best Buy is pulling the plug on CD's. Technology has come so far that sometimes we forget how we even got here! Well, the fine folks over at Daily Mail compiled a list of thing we miss now that technology has taken over, you can check out the full list, or check out my top five in the slideshow below!