We know that Texas has a huge mark on music; from artists coming from the state or songs dedicated to the state itself. Sometimes "Texas" is mentioned right in the title.

I've already written an article on 10 songs with Texas in their name; but of course I've missed some so here are 5 more for you to enjoy:

Pierce The Veil "Texas Is Forever" - Our first song is Pierce The Veil's Texas is Forever off their Misadventures album. Vic Fuentes claims that the song is a throwback to the classic punk music they used to listen to; however the mention of Texas (as fans pointed out), is most likely due to the fact that Vic's ex was FROM Texas.

Nevertheless, since Texas IS in the song name, it belongs here.

The Union Underground "South Texas Deathdrive": We all know this band for two things:

  • 1. Across the Nation was the theme song for WWE Raw for MANY years
  • 2. It was the band that John Moyer got his start before he joined Disturbed

But they had some great songs in their career, including South Texas Deathdrive, which John himself has said that it was one of their heaviest tunes in their catalogue.

Element Eighty "Texas Cries": If you've played Need For Underground, you probably remember their inclusion on the game with "Broken Promises". But their was a nice nod to their home state in the emotional song, Texas Cries.

People have tried to figure out the meaning and what exactly "Texas Cries" mean, but maybe you'll have an idea when you listen to the song.

I AM "Texas Death": If you're familiar with the heavy metal group from Dallas called "I AM", you're probably aware that their sound is... brutal. So brutal in fact, it's been classified as "Texas Death". And of course... they made a song called Texas Death to show people what they're talking about.

Texas Metal Outlaws "Texas Metal Outlaws": Of course I would have to include a song by a band called the TEXAS Metal Outlaws on this list. Not many artists have songs named after the band themselves, so this is definitely a unique song but one that pays homage to Texas. Not just in the lyrics, but the video too.

Honorable Mention: BigXthaPlug "Texas" -  No it's not rock nor is it metal... however since it's release after Thanksgiving, A TON of people have been saying this song might just be the new "unofficial" theme song for Texas. Plus it's a hilarious song that I think deserves a listen.

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