The last couple of days have been rainy and that should continue for the next few days. Here are some fun ways to enjoy these soggy days and nights.

I am LOVING the weather these last few days, the thunder and lightning and especially the rain have been awesome. They make doing things outside kind of a drag though so, here are 5 ways to enjoy these days from inside!

  • Watch it. I love to sit by a window, or better yet on my covered porch, and just watch the rain fall and listen to it.
  • Day Drinking. The way people drive in the rain around here, it's probably best you not go anywhere. Crack a cold one and turn on some music, it's party time!
  • Netflix. A rainy day, a comfy couch and a binge session of your favorite series or a couple of movies go great with rainy/wintery days.
  • Night Drinking. Hey, it rains at night too ... right??
  • Sex.  Spend the day alone with that special somebody. Best. Rainy Day. Ever!!

Use these individually or, combine a couple for even more fun!

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