If I purchased this invisible cloak, I have four ways in mind on how I would use it! When I was talking to some friends they had a crazy idea of how they would use an invisible cloak.

For example, one friend said she would use it to stalk an ex-boyfriend she can't get over. While another friend of mine said he would use it to sneak into the womens changing rooms. Below I made a list of the ways I would use an invisible cloak if I owned one. Donald Washington shows you how the invisible cloak works and it is quite impressive! He is not the only one who has tried out this cloak of invisibility as last year another man showed off what it could do. I listed the four ways this cloak would be at my advantage for certain things that I am sure you can relate to.



  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Hide and Seek

    I would definitely be the champ when I play hide and seek with my son! I bet if I owned this invisible cloak I would NEVER be found!

  • Bryan Bedder
    Bryan Bedder

    Sneak In To Movies

    You and I both know movie prices can be pricey in the evening. I would definitely use the invisible cloak to try and sneak in a late night showing of a movie I intend to see. As it is the snacks alone are almost like purchasing another movie ticket.

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    Backstage Concert

    Another way I would use the invisible cloak is for sneaking backstage at a concert! You may think we get backstage for working at a radio station but not all of us have that option. I would probably play stalker and maybe take snag something as a memoir.

  • Rob Foldy
    Rob Foldy

    Secretly Take Naps At Work

    Finally, sometimes we have long nights and could use some shut-eye at work. This invisible cloak would help keep our nap time longer without any interruptions. It also helps when you're trying to hide from the boss if he asks you to add on to your work load!