El Paso has many great bars that offer something for everyone. However, if the mainstream music scene is not for you then perhaps you would rather spend an evening at a place that's smaller and focused more on the unique side.

And that is exactly what this one Reddit user is looking for. User @Gold_cells1 asked the El Paso Reddit community:

"I just moved to Alamogordo. Is there an indie scene anywhere in El Paso/ Las cruces? Or anything interesting and offbeat?"

There weren't many answers to this one, but the few that were given were pretty spot on. The comments gave three places like:

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1. The Living Room

Google Maps

Just as the name implies, the Living Room makes you feel right at home with a relaxed atmosphere.

2. MONA Bar of Modern Art 

Google Maps

With swanky art and cocktails, and conveniently near The Tap (where you'll find the best nachos) MONA gives you a little bit of everything under one roof.

3. The Lowbrow Palace

Google Maps

Unfortunately, The Lowbrow Palace does not exist anymore, so someone needs to inform the commentator. However, word has it that a new placed named "Capri" will be opening there soon.

So, those were the only three that were commented, however, I turned to a professional, her name is Lisa Sanchez, and asked her where she thinks is best if you're more into the indie scene. Her answer? The Reagan.

Google Maps

This place just opened up, but I am hearing great things about it- also, if you're a big Morrissey fan, then this is the place for you.

If you have other suggestions, then check out the Reddit thread and let the user know!

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