I know, it seems like everyone and their mother is kicking out a "best of" list these days. Still though, it's always nice to see the Desert Southwest get some love.

Only In Your State.com released it's list of the top 10 natural wonders in New Mexico and three of them are easy day trips from El Paso!

  • The number 2 spot went to Carlsbad Caverns, just a few hours east of us. It's really awesome if you visit while the bats are active.
  • Right behind the caverns, at number 3, comes White Sands. It's only about two hours to this one from El Chuco and best if you go at night, during a full moon.
  • At number 8, the Rio Grande. The Rio is 1885 miles long so you can go just about anywhere in New Mexico, or along the Texas/Mexico border, to enjoy it's beauty.

You can find great spots that are a day, a few hours or even just a few minutes away, if you call the Borderland home.