Tragic news coming from Northern New Mexico this morning. According to a social media post from the Farmington Police Department, multiple law enforcement agencies responded to an active shooter scene near Brookside Park in Farmington, New Mexico. Police say there were "multiple civilian victims with at 3 deceased."

According to the statement, law enforcement confronted the suspect and the suspect was killed on scene. During the altercation, two law enforcement officers were shot, one from Farmington Police Department and one from the New Mexico State Police. Both officers were rushed to the San Juan Regional Medical Center for their injuries and are listed in stable condition. Police have not released the suspect's identity or a motive for the shooting. The three civilians who were killed have also not been identified at this time.

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Schools nearby the shooting were placed on lockdown until 1:54 pm when police announced they didn't believe there was a second suspect and there was no immediate threat to the community. The school lockdowns were lifted at that time. Anyone with information on the shooting are being asked to call law enforcement at (505) 334-6622.

This isn't the first time this community has dealt with an active shooter. In December 2017, two Aztec High School students were shot and killed by a 21-year-old shooter. The suspect was a former student of Aztec High School who snuck into the school by pretending to be one of the students. Visit the Albuquerque Journal website to see more updates on this developing situation.

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