Every year, the KLAQ Morning Show gets together and makes their lists for their "Deal Pool".  Basically, each one of them picks a list of celebrities they think will die that year.

If someone on their list dies, they subtract that person's age at death from 100 and that's how many points they get for that person.  The younger someone is, the more points to collect.

Here's the 2010 list:


58 points

Osama Bin Laden 
Amy Winehouse 
Fidel Castro 
Linsay Lohan 
Nancy Reagan 
Kirk Douglas 
Lil Wayne 
Artie Lange 
Gary Coleman58 Points
Rush Limbaugh 
Jack Lalane 
David Hasselhoff 
Glenn Beck 
Jack "The Snake" Roberts 

Brad Dubow


Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 
Scott Weiland 
Alec Baldwin 
Ryan O'Neal 
Pete Rose 
Kirstie Alley 
Dan Quayle 
Hank Aaron 
Keith Richards 
Andy Rooney 
Billy Graham 
George Bush, Sr. 
Diana Ross 
Bobby Bowden 
Queen Elizabeth II 

Super Mario

Osama Bin Laden 
Amy Winehouse 
Andy Rooney 
Kim Jong-Il 
Hugh Hefner 
Mohammed Ali 
Kirk Douglas 
Barbard Bush 
Dick Clark 
Tiger Woods 
Liz Taylor 
Nancy Reagan 
Stephen Hawking 
Steve Jobs 
Fidel Castro 

Duke Keith

63 points

Amy Winehosue 
Steve Ballesteros 
Fidel Castro 
Ariel Sharon 
Margaret Thatcher 
Annette Funicello 
Russell Watson 
Kirk Dougklas 
Roger Ebert 
Elizabeth Edwards39 points
Louis Farrakhan 
Abdelbaset Ali Mohmen al Megrahi 
Kim Jong-Il 
Dennis Hopper24 points
Jack Klugman 


15 points

Dennis Rodman 
Mindy McCready 
Lindsay Lohan 
Zsa Zsa Gabor 
Tom Sizemore 
Amy Winehouse 
Fidel Castro 
Jow Namath 
Tony Curtis15 Points
Nancy Reagan 
Dick Clark 
Miley Cyrus 
Jeff Conaway 
Britney Spears 
Michael Lohan 


58 points

Tila Tequila 
Louis Farrakhan 
Larry King 
Gary Coleman58 points
Billy Graham 
Joaquin Phoenix 
Amy Winehouse 
steve Jobs 
John Goodman 
Courtney Love 
Steven Tyler 
Fred Phelps 
Willie Mays 
B.B. King 
Ronnie Wood 

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