Two Irish football fans, one a Patriots fan, one a Seahawks fan, traveled from Ireland to Phoenix for Super Bowl 49 without game tickets.  You won't believe what happened next.
Paul McEvoy and Richard Whelan actually got in!  Whelan told an Irish radio show host:

Our game plan was to be super confident.  We just thought if we pretend we belong there, nobody will question us. Between one layer of security and another, we just walked in behind these 20 first-aid workers, straight up to the front door and hid in behind them.  Paul was looking at his phone, pretending to text me, as if we had just popped out to look at an email we got or something.  

Their luck held as they found two seats in the 4th row, valued at $25,000 each.  When they told the guy next to them what they did, he said the girls that had been in those seats were part of the halftime show and wouldn't be coming back!

Million-to-one shot right?  Couldn't get any better right?  Hold on.

Their seatmate was Lawyer Milloy, a former NFL player who once played for both the  Patriots and the Seahawks.  See the pictures here. Wait, there's more.  After the game, they made it onto a VIP bus that took them back to the street their hotel was on! Talk about the "luck of the Irish." These guys should have bought lottery tickets while they were here.

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