A mystery Priest in Missouri helped to save a young girls life.

19 year old Katie Lentz was hit head on by a drunk driver and pinned in her vehicle.  Her vital signs were fading and the rescue crews equipment wasn't working right ... Katie asked the emergency personnel to pray with her.

A man who appeared to be a Catholic Priest arrived and began to pray and use anointing oil on her. She was extricated and is now recovering in a Missouri hospital.  Just another accident story with a happy ending right? There's more to it .......

*   The Priest appeared from out of nowhere, despite a 2 mile perimeter that had been set up around the accident site.

*   As the Priest began to pray, New London Fire Chief Raymond Reed said. "There was a calmness that, to me, seemed to come over the entire scene."

*   The Priest told the rescuers to "remain calm" and that their "tools would now work".  At that moment, another rescue crew arrived with new equipment and Katie was removed from the wreck.

*   As the crews finished up, the Priest was nowhere to be found.

The Priest has not come forward, nor has anyone stepped up to identify him despite news stories and artists sketches of him that have been shown.

A Heaven sent miracle? An eerie coincidence?  Something else?

What do you think??


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