I got mad at my parents all the time but, holy crap.  I never tried to kill them.

A 12-year-old Colorado girl had her iPhone taken away so, she tried to poison her mother with bleach.  Two freakin' times.  The mom first thought her daughter had not properly rinsed a glass after washing it but, when she smelled bleach again on a water carafe, she confronted her about it. The little you-know-what didn't even deny it, admitting that she was trying to kill her for taking the iPhone away.

The Mom, Luciana Cordova, said:

"It seems a little bit of an outrageous reaction to having your phone taken away, but I think it's also reflecting of how our teens and our kids are so dependent on that, that they'd be willing to [go to] those extremes."

No, that's a reflexion of what a whacko kid you have.  Cordova also said it sounded like

"the situation was probably out of hand before that."

'Ya think?

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