Some of these things were done when I was 10. Some of them I still do.




  • 1

    In 4th grade I bought a stack of Star Wars bubble gum cards from Paul Gomez for $5. My mother would've killed me if she'd known I spent that kind of money for something so stupid.

  • 2

    I put those trading cards into sequential order and then flipped through them as I listened to "The Story of Star Wars" on my record player. That was the closest thing to a VCR back in 1977.

  • 3

    I used to wear a hooded sweatshirt to school, not because it was cold but because I like to pretend it was a Jedi's cloak when I would take it on and off.

  • 4

    If my child were a boy, I had planned to name him Harrison.

  • 5

    I didn't hate the prequels.

  • 6

    In fact Revenge of the Sith is one of my favorite movies of the past 20 years. Top five, even.

  • 7

    Anytime I approach an automatic sliding door I wave my hand like I'm force-opening it.

  • 8

    I own a replica lightsaber that I paid more than $100 for.

  • 9

    Actually, I own three lightsabers.

  • 10

    I went to see the movie Hanover Street , a romantic drama set in WWII . When I was eleven. Because Harrison Ford was in it.