If you made a cake, good luck getting 244 candles on that sucker ... it might be easier to drink 244 ounces of beer, (That's about 20 beers by the way, I checked.), or gobble up 244 hot dogs. It won't be hard to find 244 songs about or at least mentioning America though. (Please, don't anyone bring up "Born In The USA". It's not a bad song, it's just decidedly UN-patriotic.)

Here's a "top 10" to get you started on a playlist for your fourth of July bash, bbq, pool party or whatever you have planned. Some are about America, some just mention America and some salute the spirit of America. Some are heavy, some aren't but; they ALL rock:

No matter how you celebrate the 4th, you'll need music. If you don't feel like putting together the perfect soundtrack for your festivities, just throw on The Q. We bring you El Paso's best rock, ALL the time. Also, please remember to be careful while you're celebrating. Alcohol and driving don't mix. Nor do alcohol and gun powder, for that matter ... just sayin'.

Happy 4th of July everyone!!

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