In dog years, Youtube is 1!!

The first video ever posted on youtube went up 7 years ago and it featured one of youtubes founders!

And was pretty lame.

Lame and youtube can go hand in hand at times though, so that's no surprise!!  It's kind of weird that youtube is only 7 though; it seems as though it's always been there.  I visit it several times a week and the stuff you find there can be amazing! (the last Beatles performance, live sets from bands that can't or won't come to America, pivotal moments in history and/or politics ... even war) or they can be absolutely stupid.  (someone dressing up their cat, collections of people falling down ... the video above.) For more boring stats on how youtube has grown, click here!

Then there are the Boobs.  This particular facet of youtube is probably it's greatest asset. (Or assetS)  Arguably the most popular and most watched of all the video genres, here's an example: (gets good about 30 seconds in!)

See?  You watched huh?? Anyway ...

Youtube is almost a neccesity now, a staple in the world of news and entertainment right along with radio and TV!  It's like eating and facebook;  you can only go so long without it!  I go to it sometimes and just make up stuff to see what it will find!  Type in "dog wearing dress trips blonde girl" and something will probably come up!

Yes I tried it and no, I didn't find that scenario.  I did however stumble into some kind of porn nirvana.  (Did you know there is a tribute to dead porn stars??)  Anyway, you get my point.

Whatever stupid, inane or brilliant and fascinating thing you may be imagining; somebody somewhere probably filmed it.  (And it's probably NSFW!)

Stop shaking your head and saying "I know, people are soooo dumb" ... you've done it to!  What have you posted on youtube?  How many "hits" did you get?  I wonder if anyone here in the El Paso/Las Cruces area has ever gotten to the million mark on views??

Let me know if you did so I can view it also! Or like it, or share it  ....... or something. 

Happy Birthday youtube, thanks for all the entertainment!  (And for all the boobs!)