Day two of Tony MacAlpine week features a song from Tony's album Premonition, called "The Violin Song". This is one of the tracks from the album that features keyboard master Jens Johansson. The melody on this one is really good, and grabs you right away.

Tony began his classical training at five years old, and trained on classical piano and violin at the Springfield Conservatory of Music in Massachusetts. He then studied at the University of Hartford. He's released more than a dozen solo albums, plus a "greatest hits", and performed on about forty different releases with different projects and bands!

This live version features his second guitar player, Nili Brosh, who is not only a fantastic player, but was in the Iron Maidens band for a while! More on her, later.

All this week will be Tony's week for amazing on the lookout for more videos all week!

The Violin Song