What guy would think a stripper pole, oil and a hot girlfriend would end in disaster?

Sarah Howell of Killeen, Texas was arrested and charged with assault with bodily injury after she attacked her boyfriend with a stripper pole, slapped him and poured hot oil on him.

Police got a call about a violent domestic disturbance and when they got to the house they bound Howell's sweaty boyfriend with scratches and Howell crying in her bedroom.  She told police her boyfriend assaulted her.

But Howell's boyfriend's cellphone told a different story.  The man had videotaped Howell allegedly slapping him and pouring cooling oil on him.  He says he had to stop taping because Howell started chasing him with a pink steel stripper pole.

Howell was arrested in 2010 for assaulting her boyfriend with a gardening tool, and has been arrested several times since then.  It's not known if this is the same boyfriend, but if so, I guess this guy is just as crazy!  Does good sex trump crazy?  Have you ever had what was supposed to be a night of passion turn terribly wrong?