“Wild” Bill Wichrowski – Captain
Age: 52, Home: Seattle, WA

Bill's motto is "hard work and honesty," though he has been known to use unconventional methods -- that partly explain the nickname "Wild" -- to keep his crew going strong. While Bill has a potentially intimidating reputation, his long history as a naval engineer and boat electrician means he backs up his words with the skills to get the job done.

Bill's son, Zack, will be joining the Kodiak's crew, and Bill is looking forward to learning to work together. This captain is no stranger to challenging crew situations though; for years he hired only Samoan crews and learned how to earn the respect of these fiercely independent fishermen.

After spending the past few years running marlin sports-fishing boats out of Mexico, he's now determined to get back in the saddle and break into the tight-knit circle of Deadliest Catch captains. Bill subscribes to the "old school" of fishing, and he won't hesitate to share his opinions with the other skippers. Watch the Skipper and Crew.